Reviews: The Frackers

What people are saying about The Frackers, the new book by Gregory Zuckerman:

“Zuckerman’s fast-paced, densely interesting The Frackers is the first book to tell the stories of the obstinate, ravenous, methodical, sometimes rascally oil executives of the recent boom. By focusing on people instead of trends, it gets to the heart of why the United States is once again the largest supplier of oil and gas in the world.”
—The New Republic

“The Frackers, [Zuckerman’s] second book, is told with care and precision and a deep understanding of finance and corporate politics as well as oil and geology.”
— Bryan Burrough, The New York Times

“Zuckerman details [the frackers’s] epic adventure with skill that makes it required reading for anyone looking to understand fundamental forces at work in our world today.”
—Forbes “Best Books of 2013”

“A dynamic narrative… introduces us to the major players behind a boom.”
—San Antonio Express-News

“Greg Zuckerman tells the remarkable story of the larger than life entrepreneurs and deal makers behind this energy-industrial revolution. A great read, whether you are pro-fracking or against it.”
—Matthew Bishop, US Business Editor at The Economist

“If you are looking for the present-day take on a romantic rag-to-riches drama reminiscent of the Gilded Age, engaging tales of brave entrepreneurs whose desire to get really wealthy helped them persevere and prosper come boom or bust, look no further than The Frackers.”
–Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“Gregory Zuckerman tells the story of the shale revolution well. He has an eye for detail and a flair for narrative that makes it highly readable… This is a story of innovation as perspiration… It is a reminder that innovation is neither easy nor cheap nor inevitable”
—The Times (UK)

“Fans of the lively, character-driven nonfiction of writers like Kurt Eichenwald and Ben Mezrich should welcome this book with open arms…in Zuckerman’s hands, the topic generates a surprisingly entertaining story…A lively, exciting, and definitely thought-provoking book.”

“A fascinating study of American entrepreneurial culture and the modern robber barons who succeeded in creating an energy revolution.”

“Lovers of business and capitalism will appreciate The Frackers, … Zuckerman has done valuable and timely reporting on the men and independent companies that created the shale boom.”
—Associated Press

“Colorful …compelling account [of] a revolution driven by stubborn entrepreneurs.”

“An interesting and first-rate narrative… a dramatic tale… The book may be the definitive story of the innovative men behind the most significant energy discovery of our time.”
—Akron Beacon Journal

“Too little attention has been paid to one of America’s biggest economic and scientific revolution of recent decades: the tapping of abundant oil and natural gas reserves within our own borders using a technique called fracking. Wall Street Journal reporter Zuckerman…sets out to change that with his unique talent of translating complex aspects of finances and geology into prose that reads like a blockbuster thriller.”
—Publishers Weekly (starred)

“Greg Zuckerman’s The Frackers will long be considered ‘The Bible’ on fracking and the history of drilling in the US and the wildcatting billionaires who were the main players. This incredibly thorough book explains, thrills, and has us on the edge of our seats all the way towards US energy independence.”
—James Altucher, best-selling author, entrepreneur and blogger

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